Menu updates/edits on OrderOut not reflecting on UberEats/GrubHub

I have added new menu items and updated existing menu items on OrderOut, but the changes are not taking effect on UberEats or GrubHub.
Please help

Hi yurakusushiva!

Please ensure that you click the green “Save Changes” button after each edit. Once all edits are complete, click the “Publish Menu” button located in the top right corner of the page.

I always post as directed with no issues, but my recent updates are not synchronizing with UberEats

Hi yurakusushiva!

The issue has been solved.

We were receiving the error below when pushing the menu.

{“code”:“bad_request”,“message”:“invalid priceInfo: default price exceeds max value of 37500)”}

The menu on the OrderOut dashboard is now displaying on your Uber Eats!

I have problems accessing my menu with Uber Eats, can you please help me by giving me my access?

Hey elranchitospringhill!

Once you connect Uber Eats to OrderOut, you will no longer be able to edit your menu via the Uber Eats merchant portal. Instead, you must use the OrderOut menu editor located in the OrderOut dashboard.

If you need further assistance, please schedule a call using the link below.

Hello. I’m facing a similar issue. I try to upload menu to order out but nothing happens

Hi daud.mahdi!

Please check again. I see a menu under the ‘Menus’ section of the dashboard.