Cannot access Uber Eats menu on merchant portal

Yesterday we made a post about wanted to stop the integration of orderout with ubereats. To which, you ended upb"deactivating " our orderout account. But according to ubereats support we are still integrated.
I cannot access my ubereats manager account at all to do updates because of it.
Can you please help


Hi tinanghiem!

When you integrate your Uber Eats menu with an aggregator such as OrderOut or another company, you will lose access to editing the menu through the merchant portal; the aggregator will now manage it. In your case, having connected your menu to OrderOut, you must now edit it via our dashboard menu editor. This arrangement is beyond our control, as Uber Eats permits only one party to manage the menu. To restore your editing access on the Uber Eats merchant portal, our team needs to request Uber Eats to remove the integration. We have already taken this step and CC’d you on the email.