Grubhub says Integration is Off

Hello - I upgraded my plan but it wont let me integrate with Grubhub. It says “integration off” not sure what to do, please help.

Hi daud.mahdi!

Grubhub integration has been activated; however, Grubhub launches accounts every Tuesday morning. Consequently, your restaurant will launch with the Grubhub x OrderOut integration on March 19th. Please remember that while OrderOut integration is enabled, you cannot accept orders through the tablet, or Grubhub will pause your store. Grubhub orders will be automatically sent to your POS and kitchen printer.

Thank you!

How does DoorDash work?


Thanks! How does DoorDash work? I was told that I have to manage the menu through its own menu portal, But when someone orders does it still go directly to the POS system?

Hi daud.mahdi!

The changes you make in the OrderOut dashboard, including updates to item pictures, prices, descriptions, modifiers, and the addition or deletion of categories, as well as adjustments to store hours, will be reflected in your DoorDash menu. If you do not observe these modifications taking effect, please contact us by sending an email to


My menu seems to have been reverted back to the original menu. All my changes I made are gone? I am using Orderout because my POS system did the same thing, so could you please help me

Hi there,

Please schedule a call with me by using the link provided below.


Im trying to integrate Doordash to my Orderout app, but it says integration off. Anything you could to help?