How to import menu from wix?

Hi, I only see option to import from ubereats even though its a premium account. Can you help importing it from wix?

P.s. I want to make sure importing menu from wix doesnt hinder updating the menu directly on wix later on.

Hi saffronscoopsnbites!

We are working on this request.

To edit your Wix menu, you should do so directly through your Wix Manager portal.

I already have a working menu in Wix. Essentially i would want to import from wix into orderout and upload it to GH / DD/ UberEats.

When can i expect to have this feature available?

Hi saffronscoopsnbites!

This has been escalated to our developers. I will have an update for you soon!

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Hi Bryan,
Any update on this?

Hi saffronscoopsnbites!

We have transferred the Wix menu to the base menu and published the changes. These updates will reflect on Uber Eats and Grubhub. However, for DoorDash, menu modifications must be made directly through your DoorDash merchant portal.