Imported Menu not showing up

I am unable to see menu that should be imported from my Clover POS. It isn’t showing at all, after connecting. What should I do?

Hi kraftvermicelli!

OrderOut does not import your Clover POS menu. Instead, it retrieves the menu that exists on the delivery platforms, meaning we utilize the menu you have on Uber Eats. If you log into your OrderOut dashboard, you will notice that the Uber Eats menu is imported and editable.

One advantage of using OrderOut over Clover Direct integration is the ability to maintain a separate menu from your in-store one. This allows you to adjust your item prices to offset the 25%-30% commission taken by Uber Eats and other delivery platforms. With Clover Direct integration, having two separate menus is not possible; it directly utilizes your in-store menu for delivery platforms, preventing any price adjustments.

Hey! Anytime I make hour changes or menu changes it doesn’t seem to reflect on the Uber eats and Grubhub apps.

Hi daud.mahdi!

Thank you for reaching out. I’ll need more information to troubleshoot this issue effectively. Could we schedule a call to discuss this further and work towards a solution?