Ubereats, all integration are done, but don't work

Ordeout told me that i don’t have the menu yet
but my tablette uber work since 2 months
the question is , why I should have the menu in ordeout ?
juste integrate with clover and printe the receip
impossible to enable ubereat without a menu

i think that the appli don’t work clearly

Hi Rafik,

You initially connected an Uber Eats menu that was empty. To successfully integrate Uber Eats with OrderOut, a menu must be visible on the Uber Eats platform. Subsequently, our onboarding representative assisted you in connecting an Uber Eats account that included a menu, and the integration was successfully enabled. Now, all Uber Eats orders will be directed straight to your Clover POS and printer.

Let me know if you have any further questions.