Menu updates and item availability is not reflecting on customer page on uber eats

I synced my clover menu and uber eats but when I change a products availability on clover, it still appears on uber eats. I tried deleting my menu on order out and reuploading it but it didn’t help.

Hey urbanabakesandgelato!

Making an item unavailable on the Clover POS system will not mark it unavailable on Uber Eats. We do not alter your in-store menu, nor do changes you make in your in-store menu affect what is displayed on Uber Eats. To make an item unavailable, sign into the OrderOut dashboard and go to the Menus section located on the left panel. Click Edit Menu, then select the category the item is in. Locate the item, uncheck the availability box, and save the changes. Once this is done, don’t forget to click “Publish Menu” in the top right.

If you still need assistance, you can schedule a call here.