OrderOut app on the Clover POS

When I open the OrderOut app on my Clover POS, I only see ‘Support’ and ‘Printer Settings’.

Hi james85!

Yes, that is correct!

The OrderOut app will only display two options. Pressing ‘Support’ will reveal our support email (support@orderout.co), while selecting ‘Printer Settings’ will allow you to choose your order printer, determining where the receipt will be printed from.

hello this is darryl general manager at original pancake house on 5099 memorial drive we need help asap with the orders we are not getting them ,not coming thru the pos system

Hi Darryl,

What is the order number?

Hello I was reaching out as there was a POS issue that started when we canceled DelieverAct to swap over to your application. After that service was canceled the Stone Mountain location under our account stopped being able to accept orders. In an attempt to fix this we tried a few things in the OrderOut application on our end to resolve the problem but nothing has worked. The remaining choice we have is to completely turn off third party API access on our end to attempt to allow the dedicated uber eats tablet to function. We would prefer to continue using this service so we hope that you could provide a contact number to speak with someone to troubleshoot this issue to determine how the API is malfunctioning at the Stone Mountain location so that we do not have to remove your service from the Cheshire Bridge location. Please contact us as soon as possible.

Thomas Neidhardt

Hi Thomas,

Please schedule a call by using the link below.